Saturday, June 24, 2006

Save the UN

To my mind, it seems obvious that it is important to have an international legal order and to foster strong international institutions that seek to advance the greater good of all humanity.

As John F Kennedy said.... "We prefer world law, in the age of self-determination, to world war in the age of mass extermination."

But, it appears that the UN is in a bit of a crisis. Major powers see it as a nuisance in the pursuit of their own agenda. Demonising the UN and tarnishing its image has become a popular sport for some. We cannot underestimate the important role of this world body. It may appear weak at times. But its will is only as strong as we allow it to be.

As such, I decided to sign the following petition:

Don't Shut Down the | Send a message to world leaders.

"The heroes of the world community are not those who withdraw when difficulties ensue, not those who can envision neither the prospect of success nor the consequence of failure -- but those who stand the heat of battle, the fight for world peace through the United Nations." Hubert H Humphrey

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