Monday, April 14, 2008

Indonesian Prophecy

Prophesies are always fascinating. Whether or not one is willing to accept the likelihood of prophetic statements having any truth in them, one must say that they have some amusement value.

Here is something I came across in Wikipedia...It seems that there was this priest by the name of Sabdapalon during the reign of the last Majapahit king. The king, Brawijaya the Fifth converted, to Islam in 1478 and was cursed by his priest Sabdapalon.

Sabdapalon then promised that he would return 500 years later (that would be 1978). At the time of his return there is supposed to be political turmoil, etc, etc... (the usual apocalyptic stuff contained in prophesies, i guess). He would return and usher in an era when Islam would be wiped off the majapahit lands and hinduism would be restored.

There is then the assertion in the wikipedia post that some of the first new Hindu temples were built around 1978 (e.g. Pura Blambangan ). There is also the assertion that Mt Semeru erupted around the same time.

I'm having some difficulty verifying the date of construction of Pura Blambangan. I shall check it out at a later date. As for Mt Semeru, there is a wikipedia post that states that since 1818, 55 eruptions have been recorded. From 1967 to the present the volcano has been in a 'near constant state of eruption'. The last eruption is stated as 2008 (continuing). presumably, it is erupting as i blog right now.... let me check on that.... i don't see anything on google news

1967... that's the year that my sister was born... maybe she is the reincarnation of Sabdapalon. :-) but, what is she doing globetrotting with her husband instead of ushering in a hindu revival in indonesia. :-)

And then, there is another Indonesian prophesy. THis concerns a person referred to as Joyoboyo or Jayabaya; a king who reigned from 1135 to 1157 in East Java. Javanese believe him to be a model king; an embodiment of the qualities of a just ruler: A Ratu Adil. According to wikipedia:

'Many believe that the time for the arrival of a new Ratu Adil is near (as the prophecies put it, "when iron wagons could drive without horses and ships could sail through the sky"), and that he will come to rescue and reunite Indonesia after an acute crisis, ushering in the dawn of a new golden age.'

so, now that we have cars and aircrafts, a new Ratu Adil is upon us. :-)